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Rimes Dinkins is a real estate consultant helping individuals acquire commercial investment property to grow their wealth in alternative assets. As a real estate consultant, he has experience in the acquisitions and dispositions process. Whether you are new to real estate investing, or a seasoned professional, Rimes can help advise you, or act as a primary resource as you look to grow your real estate wealth. As an advocate for real estate investing and financial freedom, Rimes helps you, as an investor, find opportunities, partnerships, and resources to accomplish your goals. He has helped individuals, developers, and businesses acquire real estate in all processes of the acquisition, including site selection, market analysis, financial analysis, negotiating, due diligence, and closing procedures. His goal is to find the best opportunity for you as an investor and maximize your returns. He does this by understanding your needs and strategically site selecting the best areas for you to invest or develop.

Rimes's knowledge and background include strategic site selection, financial evaluations, market analysis, risk mitigation, economic analysis, negotiation, due diligence, marketing, and business and real estate law.  

Educational and Experience  Background:

Rimes Dinkins has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Economics from Mississippi State University. During that time, he gained experience helping start up and operate, a restaurant in Starkville, MS.  Rimes also has a background in the corporate sector, working for multiple energy companies. Rimes is currently a real estate consultant with Madison Properties Inc. and is a Certified Commercial Investment Member Candidate. 

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