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Modern Building
Acquisitions & Dispositions

If you are a  business owner, developer, or investor, you are either focused on growing your business, managing the construction, or looking to find as many deals as possible.  Real estate is an industry with a lot of moving parts, and many of the tasks involved are needed to get done efficiently to optimize returns whether you are buying or selling a property.  You need the right resources and relationships to make a deal come together, while you also need to determine if the return outweighs the risk when investing in real estate.

What I do: 

Rimes Dinkins can help you find the right sites for your development and help you in assessing the value of maximizing your return.  With his knowledge of the market and understanding of the entire process from start to finish, he can offer you clear, concise information so that you are confident in locating a space for your business, finding an income-producing property, or selecting a site for development.  Rimes can be your go-to real estate resource so that you can focus your time on things that you want to be focusing on.

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