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Real Estate Investments

Our lives can revolve around a strenuous working career.  Leaving us with little time to focus on other things we want in life.  We may enjoy our careers and have dedicated many, many years to becoming physicians, lawyers, consultants, business owners, etc. Or, like some, you may not like your job at all, but have become secure and financially dependent on what it provides for you and your family.  We all desire many different aspirations, but we all look for "Financial Freedom" to fulfill our inner calling. Real Estate investing has provided this path for many. 


Where To Start:
It all starts with education and commitment. If you have made it here, you probably already know or have heard that real estate investing is an efficient way to gain financial freedom. But with so many other things going on in our lives, it can be daunting to learn to invest, manage, and understand the upside and risk involved in a real estate deal. If you have capital sitting on the sidelines and are looking for a way to grow your wealth to financial freedom, you have come to the right place.

What I Do:

I understand that many people do not specialize in real estate or have the time to spend hours on end studying how to invest in real estate. Or their time is more valuable spent elsewhere, such as in their careers or time with family.  With my experience as a real estate consultant with Madison Properties Inc. and working with investors and developers, I can act as your guide and resource to help you efficiently find, invest, and manage real estate to grow your wealth towards financial freedom. Below are areas I can provide to you. 


- Financial and market analysis           - Site selection                - Acquisition & Disposition

- Resources & Network                      -  Management                - Negotiation

- Experience & Knowledge                 - Due Diligence               - Education                  

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